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Gemapilen BK series are from 60% to 80% Calcium Carbonate (Chalk, CaCO3 filler) filled Polypropylene compounds. As an off-the-shelf product, it is used in pipe extrusion and profile applications.


In pipe (sewage/waste water pipes) applications, it can be blended with PP at up to 30% depending on the thickness of the pipe.


Gemapilen BK can be modified with a wide range of additives such as, UV Stabilizers, Impact Modifiers, Heat Stabilizers and Flame Retardants if required.





  • Lowers raw material overheads
  • Natural Anti-Blocking
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces energy consumption


  • PP waste water pipes
  • Extrusion profiles
  • Construction


Below listed products are reference grades, therefor no MFI stated. These products can also be improved with various different additives and modifiers if required.


Product Description MFI (g/min.) Yoğunluk (g/cm3)
Gemapilen FK60 %60 CaCO3 filled PPH N/A 1.60
Gemapilen FK70 %70 CaCO3 filled PPH N/A 1.68
Gemapilen FK75 %75 CaCO3 filled PPH N/A 1.76
Gemapilen FK80 %80 CaCO3 filled PPH N/A 1.89