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Gemapilen BRC GF

Manufactured for new generation 3 layer composite pipes


GEMAPILEN BRC GF series of compounds are 10% to 40% glass fiber reinforced PP Random Co-Polimer. It is manufactured for the new generation of co-extrusion PPRC multilayer composite pipes reinforced with Glass Fiber and specially formulated additives. Composite pipes are an alternative to foil reinforced pipes that are tougher and more cost beneficial.


PPRC pipes reinforced with GEMAPILEN BRC GF demonstrate outstanding mechanical properties such as high strength, high stiffness and excellent impact resistance.











Advantages of multilayer pipes:


Composite Pipes have an expansion coefficient close to that of foil pipes and Composite pipes do not elongate.


Composite Pipes cause no changes in colour, odour or taste of water.


They can be recycled unlike foil pipes. No heat loss as encountered in foil pipes. Substantially lower material costs compared to foil pipes.

  • Excellent elongation ranges
  • Superior rigidity levels
  • Excellent Impact resistance
  • Increased heat deflection and resistance


Below listed products are reference grades, for that reason no MFI stated. These products can also be improved with various different additives and modifiers if required.
Product Description MFI (g/min.) Density (g/cm3)
Gemapilen BRC GF10 %10 Glass Fiber Reindorced PPR N/A 0.98
Gemapilen BRC GF15 %15 Glass Fiber Reindorced PPR N/A 1.01
Gemapilen BRC GF20 %20 Glass Fiber Reindorced PPR N/A 1.07
Gemapilen BRC GF25 %25 Glass Fiber Reindorced PPR N/A 1.10
Gemapilen BRC GF30 %30 Glass Fiber Reindorced PPR N/A 1.15
Gemapilen BRC GF40 %40 Glass Fiber Reindorced PPR N/A 1.20