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Gemapilen GF



The GEMAPILEN GF series of compounds are 10% to 40% Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene products. They are manufactured with Homo-Polymer or Co-Polymer to fit requirement.

GEMAPILEN GF substantially increases the mechanical properties of products much further than what can be obtained through the use of mineral based compounds and enhancers or natural blends.

The advantages of GEMAPILEN GF serias as an alternative to straight polymer use or mineral compounds are wide ranging and benefit a number of plastic manufacturing sectors.





















  • Superior rigidity levels
  • Greater stiffness
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Increased heat deflection and
  • Reduced moulding shrinkage



  • Automotive industry
  • White goods
  • Electrical appliances
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Furniture
  • Construction


Below listed products are reference grades, for that reason no MFI stated. These products can also be improved with various different additives and modifiers if required.
Product Description MFI (g/min.) Density (g/cm3)
Gemapilen GF10 %10 Glass Fiber Reinforced PPH N/A 0.97
Gemapilen GF20 %20 Glass Fiber Reinforced PPH N/A 1.03
Gemapilen GF30 %30 Glass Fiber Reinforced PPH N/A 1.10
Gemapilen GF40 %40 Glass Fiber Reinforced PPH N/A 1.20
Gemapilen GF10 CP %10 Glass Fiber Reinforced PP Co-polymer N/A 0.98
Gemapilen GF20 CP %20 Glass Fiber Reinforced PP Co-polymer N/A 1.04
Gemapilen GF30 CP %30 Glass Fiber Reinforced PP Co-polymer N/A 1.12
Gemapilen GF40 CP %40 Glass Fiber Reinforced PP Co-polymer N/A 1.22