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Gematilen FK
Excellent Performance & Cost efficient


GEMATILEN FK is an off-the-shelf compound filler masterbatch. GEMATILEN FK is from 50% to 80% Calcium Carbonate (Chalk, CaCO3) filled LLDPE based compound. The product has been engineered specifically for FILM and bag manufacture.


GEMATILEN FK can be blended with LDPE, HDPE, MDPE and LLDPE at upto 50% depending on the application.
GEMATILEN FK can also be manufactured to customer specification to carry between 10% to 80% Calcium Carbonate.



  • Reduce production costs
  • Cost advantage
  • Improves printing properties
  • Upto 80% more environmentally friendly
  • Reduces energy consumption



  • Shopping bags
  • Food packaging
  • Industrial bags
  • Garbage bags
  • Heavy duty sacks
  • Mailing bags
Below listed products are reference grades, for that reason no MFI stated. These products can also be improved with various different additives and modifiers if required.
Product Description MFI (g/min.) Density(g/cm3)
GEMATILEN FK60 %60 CaCO3 filled PE N/A 1.62
GEMATILEN FK70 %70 CaCO3 filled PE N/A 1.71
GEMATILEN FK75 %75 CaCO3 filled PE N/A 1.80
GEMATILEN FK80 %80 CaCO3 filled PE N/A 1.93