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Highly efficient

Additive Masterbatches


Gema, manufactures highly effective additive masterbatch solutions for plastic and packaging industry that provides superior physical and mechanical properties to the end product.


Effective solutions for your needs...

Gema has a wide range of Additive Masterbatch Solutions for plastics and packaging industry. Standard grade of masterbatches are mainly designed for the film industry. The portfolie includes UV Masterbatches, Slip, Antiblock and Antioxidant Masterbatches, Polymer Processing Aids, Impact Modifiers and many other tailor-made solutions to match your manufacturing needs.



 Product Polymer Product Group................. Advantages............................................



TiO2 Masterbatch

Superb dispersion and covering rates.



Polymer Processing Aid

High effective processing aid masterbatch.



Slip Masterbatch

Slow & Fast Migration slip properties.

 GEMA UV PE UV Masterbatch UV absorber and light stabilizer additive masterbatch.
 GEMA SLIP-ANTIBLOK PE/PP Slip Antiblock Masterbatch Specially formulated slip & antiblock additive masterbatch.
 GEMA OPTIBRIGHT PE/PP Optic Brightener MB Reduces yellowing effect and increases whiteness.
 GEMA ANTIBLOK PE/PP Antiblock Masterbatch Excellent antiblocking effect.
 GEMA ANTIOKSIDANT PE/PP Antioxidant Masterbatch Longterm thermal stability.
 GEMABOND PE/PP Impact Modifier MB Improves mechanical properties and blending ratios.
 GEMA ANTISTATIK PE/PP Antistatic Masterbatch Excellent Antistatic effect.
 ADDIFLEX PE/PP Oxo-Bio Degradable MB Nature's choice for plastic waste.