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Barium Sulfate (BaSO4) filled compounds


Pipe Extrusion


Gemapilen BS CPMF1 is manufactured for the production of PP Sewage pipes. Gemapilen BS CPMF1 is extensively used in applications requiring SOUND INSULATION such as waste water pipes. It is called silent pipes.


Injection Moulding (fittings)


Gemapilen BS CPMF5, is manufactured for the production of PP pipe fittings. Gemapilen BS CPMF5 is used in applications requiring high tensile strength and matt finish as well as SOUND INSULATION.

GEMAPILEN BS series are manufactured with Homo-Polymer or Co-Polymer to fit requirements. Gemapilen BS, fortified with special additives and modifiers greatly enhances the physical and mechanical properties of the manufactured products.



  • Sound insulation
  • Higher density
  • Heat resistance
  • Stiffness
  • Lower mould shrinkage