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Calcium Carbonate filled Polypropylene


GEMAPILEN FK, BK and EK series are from 10% to 80% Calcium Carbonate (Chalk, CaCO3) filled Polypropylene filler masterbatch and compounds. As an off-the-shelf compound and filler masterbatch, it is used in wide range of application areas.


Rafia Applications
Thermoforming applications


Gemapilen FK series are widely used in raffia and thermoforming applications as a filler and anti-agent masterbatch.


Extrusion applications


Gemapilen BK series are widely used in extrusion applications (pipe/profile extrusion) such as sewage/waste water pipes.


Injection moulding applications


Gemapilen EK series ar widely used in injection moulding applications. It can be modified with a wide range of additives such as UV stabilizer, Antistatic, Flame retardant, surface treated and many other side modifiers to fit requirements.