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Calcium Carbonate filled Polyethylene Filler Masterbatch


GEMATILEN FK and BKHD series are from 10% to 80% Calcium Carbonate (Chalk, CaCO3 filler) filled Polyethylene compounds. As an off-the-shelf filler masterbatch & compound, it is used in wide range of application areas.


Film Grade
PE Film, bag applications




Gematilen FK is manufactured for the production of PE FILM, Bag applications. Gematilen FK70 can be blended with LDPE, HDPE, MDPE and LLDPE at upto 50% depending on the application (single layer films). It can also be used for multi-layer films such as A-B-A and A-B-C extruder systems and it can be blended more than 50% depending on the thickness of the film.


Corrugated PE Pipes
Blown Moulding Grade
Injection Moulding Grade



Gematilen BKHD has been engineered for extrusion, injection moulding and blown moulding applications.




• Significantly lowers raw material overheads
• Upto 80% more environmentally friendly
• Reduces energy consumption
• Improves corona application in printing
• Acts as a natural anti-block
• Improves impact resistance (*)
• Improves tensile strength (*)
(*) at recommended mix ratios