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Glass Fiber reinforced compounds

Injection Grade


The GEMAPILEN GF series of compounds are 10% to 40% Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene products. They are manufactured with Homo-Polymer, Co-Polymer or impact modified. GEMAPILEN GF can be modified with a wide range of additives such as UV stabilizer, Antistatic, Flame retardant, surface treated and many other side modifiers to fit requirements.


Extrusion Grade


GEMAPILEN BRC GF is manufactured for the new generation of multilayer PPRC Composite pipes reinforced with Glass Fiber and specially formulated additives. Gemapilen BRC GF series can be manufactured from 10% to 40% glass fiber reinforced. PPRC pipes reinforced with GEMAPILEN BRC GF demonstrate outstanding mechanical properties such as high strength, high stiffness and excellent impact resistance.


Gemapilen GF and BRC GF series with it's incorporated of glass fiber reinforced grades, glass bead reinforced grades and with its special addiviated grades provides high rigidity levels, greater stiffness and impact resistance characteristics to the manufactured product.

    > Superior rigidity levels
    > Greater stiffness
    > Excellent impact resistance
    > Heat resistance
    > Reduced mould shrinkage