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GEMATILEN SPB grade of masterbatch is specifically formulated for nonwoven Spunbond applications. It is a masterbatch suitable for Spunbond technology that contians high percetage of special mineral. 


GEMAPILEN SPB Masterbatch Spunbond
(ultra fine special treated mineral based masterbatch)


2% -   5% wt. as a mineral additive
7% - 18% wt. as a extender properties


Features & Advantage :


  • Antiblocking
  • Soft Touch
  • Faster cooling
  • E-modulus
  • Dimensional stability
  • Weldability
  • Productivity and formulation costs


  Reduced stickiness
  Increased softness and smoothness
  Improved dimensional stability (isotropic shrinkage)
  Similar wind-up speed
  Processing economics
  Better heat transport when using GCC may allow an             increased line speed
  Reduced extrusion pressure
  Less polymer to melt reduced energy consumption
  Raw material economics
  Save resin via mineral addition and thinner fibers
  Lower carbon footprint


Wide range of application areas
Application options for existing and new markets


- Hygiene
- Baby&Adult diapers
- Medical
- Protective clothing
- Technical products





- Architectural nonwovens
- Coating substrates
- Agrotextiles & Geotextiles 
- Disc covers
- Industrial wipes