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It is a technology for degrading plastics. Biodegradable technologies depend on plastics in a biologically active environment (e.g. compost). The destruction of the material happens directly through the consumption bymicrobes.
There are different technologies of degradation. The oxo - biodegradable technology renders the polyolefin to biodegradation, the metabolization of the residual polymer fractions via an initial step of a combination of light, heat, stress and air.
What is Addiflex®? It is the Solution for Polyolefin Biodegradability. Addiflex® is an eco-intelligent system of additives. The effects of adding Addiflex® to your plastics are:
  • Reduction of the Waste volume through complete biodegradation
  • Ecological Benefits
  • Economical Benefits
  • Less Energy
  • Mastering new legal requirements


The features of the AddiFlex system
  • The most cost effective additive –less material for the same result.
  • The most effective additive on the market – initiation time could be controlled.
  • The highest quality and durability – high process ability in the manufacturing process.
  • The only oxo-biodegradable technique on the market suitable for basically all plastic processes.
Overwiev on the benefits of AddiFlex
  • Complete Bio-degradation
  • %80-90 waste reduction (in weight,not volume)
  • Conventional raw material and natural modifiers
  • No toxic by-products (e.g,.methane)
  • Less energy input vs. competitive products