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Flammability testing provides material fire rates and characteristics, and are intented to be used solely to measure and describe the flammability properties of materials. The flammability testing provide results for various industries like construction/buildings, automotive and wide range of electronic products.

Testing for flammability is performed under various conditions in our laboratory. These are:













UL94 (Underwriters Laboratories)


Flammability test carried out according to UL94 standards determines the category of the material's ability to self-extinguishing of flame after ignition. UL94 testing procedures and rating system for thermoplastics flammability are the generally accepted standard throughout most of the world.

Each test material can be assigned to several categories based on the combustion speed, quench time, resistance to droplet formation and depending on whether flammable or non-flammable droplets are formed.

LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index)    
Glow wire